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    I’ve been thinking about how I am going to ready myself for my adult life and career (especially since receiving the bill for College of the Atlantic’s first trimester and suffering the anxiety of how in the world a poor girl like me is going to afford four years there), and even though my attempt will likely be at least somewhat silly, I want to make my foray into my desired occupation: vegan nutritionist. 

    Now, I know a lot of blogs on vegan nutrition exist, and I know I am not the best personality to attract lots of attention on the matter. But I want to be an activist, to help create health and compassion, and to help conquer/treat both diseases of affluence (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.) and those of seeming randomness (type 1 diabetes, various autoimmune conditions, autism, etc.). Of course, that is a tall order, and I know veganism isn’t a magic bullet that cures one of all ills. But I think it can help… And I think, too, it is the most compassionate way to live.


    I think I will create a Tumblr blog on vegan nutrition. Soon.

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